Asp.Net Live Project Training

ASP.NET Training

Microsoft .NET is a software component that runs on the Windows operating system. .NET provides various tools and software libraries that enable any software developers to create Windows, Web and Mobile based software applications. .Net framework provides programming language like C#, Visual Basic .NET, J# and Managed C++ for software development.

Skychip stepped ahead to bring expert knowledge and experience packaged together into a well-designed course content suiting the current industry needs. Our training program will gives you in-depth knowledge and offers you full learning and understanding of the topics in a highly interactive manner.

Duration:6 weeks/ 8 weeks/ 6 monthsLive Project:Yes
Trainer:6-12 years of industry experienceImplementation: 100% Practical
Certificate:YesInterview Preparation: Yes
Placement 100% Assistance

Introduction to C#.NET/ASP.NET/WP7:

• Introduction to C#.NET

• Introduction to ASP.NET

• Introduction to Windows Phone 7

• Introduction to Visual Studio 2008/2010

.NET Architecture:

• Introduction to .NET Framework

• Common Language Specification (CLS)

• Framework/Base Class Library (FCL)

• Common Language Runtime (CLR)

.NET Environment:

• How to get .NET

• Installing .NET



Getting Started for (C#/ASP/WP7):

• Setting up the .NET environment

• Program Life Cycle

• Creating your First .NET(C#/ASP/WP7) Program

• Setting up Launch Configuration

• Running and Debugging Application

• Understanding the Hello World program

C#.NET Programming:

• Introduction to C#.NET

• Main() and Command line argument

• Variable and Expressions

• Operators

• Arrays

• Flow Control

• Looping

• Functions

• Objects and Classes

• Polymorphism

• Inheritance

• Exception Handling

• Interfaces and Abstract Classes

• User Interface Controls

• Multithreading

• Delegate

• Indexers and Enumeration

• LINQ and Query Expression

• Iterators & Events

• Input/output Programming

• Collection Framework

• Serialization

• Generics

• Networking

• Event Handling

• MS-Access/SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle Database Programming

• Platform Invoke and Interoperability

• Windows Registry

• Game Development

• Setup Creation

ASP.NET Programming

• Introduction to ASP.NET

• ASP.NET Architecture

• Foundation: HTML, XHTML, XML, JavaScript, CSS

• Web Forms Processing

• Client Controls

• Server Controls

• Validation Controls

• Session Management

• Cookie Management

• Input/output Programming

• Master Pages

• MS-Access/SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle Database Programing

Windows Phone 7 Programming

• Introduction to Windows Phone 7/7.5

• WP7 Architecture

• WP7 Getting Started

• Creating User Interfaces

• Activities

• Isolated Storage

• Controls Programming

• Multithreading

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