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Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

We firmly believe that our key principles as an organization play an important role in enabling our employees to bring out the best in each other and our clients. Our commitment towards our work and clients is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Think Big: Have the courage to think and dream big.
  • Integrity: All actions can stand public scrutiny.
  • Self-Confidence: Take personal responsibility for actions and decisions and work with conviction.
  • Respect, Trust and Teamwork: Treat everyone with dignity and courtesy. Have faith in each other and surround yourself with the best people. Have an overpowering desire to get things done.
  • Quality and Excellence: Have an obsessive commitment to quality. Strive relentlessly for improvement.
  • Empathy and Innovation: Listen and understand. Go beyond the commonplace and routine.
  • Play to Win: Reach the depth of your own potential and utilize it to its fullest.

Quality Policy:

Our core quality control and management philosophy is modelled on the Continuous Improvement Cycle of Deming. Our systems are oriented towards one objective: To be an efficient, competent and ethical organization, which is a reliable and profitable partner to its customers, vendors and stakeholders.

Six Sigma is both a management practice as well as a capability measure. At Skychip, Six Sigma is a management practice that is systematically undertaken to enhance the capability of ourbusiness processes to better meet/exceed customer specifications, resulting in a tangible business gain. We have defined standard operating procedures and methodologies utilizing tools, training and measurements to enable us to design and deliver software products and processes that meet customer expectations and can be produced at Six Sigma quality levels.

Six Sigma has changed the way in which our people approach work and strive towards delivering the best to our customers. As part of our business process outsourcing engagement with clients, we handle mature and stable business processes for them. We have a robust metrics system for measuring, tracking and managing these processes. This approach enables clients to retain strategic control over their outsourced functions while enjoying the benefits of enhanced service and quality at lower costs.
Skychip experts have drawn up a roadmap for Six Sigma deployment:
Adherence to rigorous quality and Six Sigma standards provides a quantifiable benchmark and encourages adoption of best practices in our relationships with customers, suppliers, and our employees. We are constantly moving towards this capability not as a pre-requisite, but more as a target destination on a journey.

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SKYCHIPINDIA is a global Software and placement services company focusing on software development, Website Designing, Search Engine optimization (SEO), IT consulting and provides offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide, SKYCHIP also pioneer in the HR Recruitment and Placement industry, situated in Jaipur (Rajasthan).


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